baby with the hair
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This baby has the biggest hair you’ve ever seen

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
October 5th, 2016
baby with the hair

We love a bit of crazy baby hair at Show + Tell and this baby’s hair is seriously ADORABLE. Junior Cox-Noon is only two months old but already he is a show stopper. It takes his mum Chelsea two hours to complete their weekly  grocery shop because of how many times she is held up with people commenting on Junior’s hair. Chelsea has tried to put a hat on Junior to speed up the process, but he clearly loves being the centre of attention because he cracks it every time and refuses to wear it.

Junior’s gravity defying hairdo has earned him the nickname ‘Baby Bear.’ His mum actually has to blowdry his hair because it takes way too long to dry naturally. The doctors where he was born at Brighton General Hospital in the UK said they have never delivered a baby with that MUCH hair.

Check it out…how bloody rad is this??!

baby with the hair

What a gorgeous little munchkin! Can totally see why the weekly shop takes so long.

baby with the hair

Junior AKA Baby Bear with his mum Chelsea

I know what it’s like to be that mum who has the baby with crazy hair. My daughter Olive was born with a seriously good head of hair but within in the first month it started to grow and grow and stood completely on end. Everywhere I went everyone commented on Olive’s hair. It became my number one topic of conversation. I was asked if I purposely cut it that way, or if I had used hair product…but no it was completely a la naturale.

baby witn the hair

My daughter Olive’s hair reached some serious heights.

Here are some more rad pics of out of this world baby hair just because…well, it’s the best.

crazy baby hair 1

baby with that hair

crazy baby hair 3

baby with that hair

Was your baby born with lots of hair?