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10 things you need to grab before your kids go back to school

Stacey by Stacey
January 22nd, 2018

This post is sponsored by Officeworks but this is 100% my thoughts and feelings.

My son is heading into grade one! It seriously feels like yesterday I was growing that kid inside of me and now he is a big old grade one man!

Luckily for me the kid likes school, which makes drop off totally bearable and I’m loving reliving parts of my primary school years through him. Like lunch orders, playing on the oval and FOUR SQUARE, remember that?

So, we find ourselves smack bang in the middle of the 72 weeks of Christmas holidays and I’m about to embark on another year of packing his little lunch box (he legit has the same thing every single day) and making sure his clothes are labelled and his grey leads sharpened.

I have stocked up on back to school goodies from Officeworks that will help him, but mainly me (wink, wink), have a safe sail into the school year. I managed to pick up all of these items for only $187, can you believe that?!


Papermate Sharpie Expo Writing Essentials Pack 33 piece. This baby has errrrry thing your kids will need. Pens, markers, highlighter, erasers…and it’s $19.49.

Burrows Artist Colour Pencils 24 Pack every kids needs these, they are $18.98

Crayola Super Tips Markers Assorted 20 Pack these markers are $7.48 and more importantly are washable. Which is ALWAYS necessary.

In ear headphones for $2.48 which are a MUST to block out all the youtube watching homework they will be doing on their iPads.

Smash 10 piece lunch box pack is $9.97. And if your kids are anything like mine, their lunchbox foods are NEVER allowed to touch each other. Which, just quietly, is a MISSION! This little gem solves all those issues with heaps of special compartments.

Studymate Tritan Sprayer Drink Bottle for $8.96 is a ripper for every kinder and school kid because…MIST! It’s especially perfect for summer time.

Studymate A4 Premium Binder Books – the standard trusty ole notebooks. These are $1.98 and perfect for your little critters to practice their writing.

Studymate Book Cover A4 confetti – one word…CUTE! This just slips over your average looking notebooks to make it super gorge and is a great option if you don’t have the time or patience to contact every single notebook. Good idea and its only $1.49.

DYMO LetraTag 100H Handheld Label Maker – if you don’t have one of these in your life go out right now and get one. Every parent on the planet needs one of these. They label everything from uniforms, books, backpacks, and drink bottles…a must-have for $25.00.

Essential Backpack – gone are the days when you need to spend large chunks of money on backpacks. This baby is $4. Yep, that’s right.


I may or may not have made my kids a tad anal when it comes to labelling, packing lunches and having cutesy back to school supplies but it sure does make the process super fun…and if you go to Officeworks it’s super affordable so you and the kids can run wild buying everything you need and all the other things that weren’t on your list too, that are of course, totally essential.

I’m not sure who is more excited for back to school, the kids or me. Yeah nah, it’s me.

*Officeworks has some awesome options for planning your back to school gear. You can of course, go in store but there is also the option of free two hour click and collect or FREE same day delivery for orders over $55.