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The most bogan baby names of 2018 are here. And they’re AmaYzing!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
December 19th, 2018

When my kids were born, the amount of fucks I gave about what anyone thought of their names amounted to a big fat zero. As someone who is often consumed by what ‘other people’ think, this uncharacteristically laid-back attitude really caught me off guard.

I think the reason I was so unfazed by anyone else’s opinion on our chosen names is that there was zero chance everyone was going to like them. Some people downright HATED them… and that was a-ok with us – because if there’s anything that the term ‘different strokes for different folks’ totally applies to, it’s what you name your kid.

The official list of top ‘bogan’ baby names of the year is one I LIVE for and this year’s list, thanks to Kidspot, is a real goodie. From the best boganic spelling to every teen’s fave clothing shop of the 90’s, the top ten boys and girls list has it covered…

Vaelen’s mum and dad were 100% mad for Van Halen


  1. Bylan
  2. Hairry
  3. Jaze
  4. Konor
  5. Kreighton
  6. Wayve
  7. Tayn
  8. Vaelen
  9. Xayvya
  10. Squire Sebastian Senator

    You reckon little esprit will only ever write her name like this?


  1. Chavelle
  2. Galaxcia
  3. Heavyn
  4. Tannyyn
  5. Lahnii
  6. Ryliee
  7. Shaelyn
  8. Esprit
  9. Carridyn
  10. Silverina

Told you it was an awesome list!

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