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If you’ve got a son, he needs this book!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
November 22nd, 2018

When the book Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls was first released, I immediately rushed out to nab one for my daughter. Both my kids, a girl and a boy, loved this book and were genuinely interested and excited to learn about incredible girls and women who have done awesome, kick-arse stuff that has changed the world for the better.

The other night my son, who is eight, asked me why “it’s all girls and no boys” in the book and I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. We are constantly talking about things like the gender pay gap and women’s rights at our place to drill the importance of equality into our kids, and while this is all really important, it dawned on me that I have put very little effort into recognising and sharing the work of great men and boys with them in the same way.

The fact is, for the world to be the most equal and best place it possibly can, our kids need both male and female role models to look up to.

Enter: Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different by Ben Brooks. It’s chock-full of stories about men and boys who have, just like those ‘Rebel Girls’, achieved incredible things in their lives, often overcoming shitty stuff like difficult childhoods and bullying to get there.

The book’s description says –  “As a boy, there is an assumption that you will conform to this stereotypical idea of masculinity, but what if you’re the introvert kind, what if you prefer to pick up a book rather than a sword, what if you’re very sensitive, what if you like the idea of wearing a dress?

How perfect.

Males throughout history right up until the current day are represented, with 100 stories of inspiring men like Barack Obama, Gandhi, David Attenborough, Salvador Dali, Frank Ocean, Nelson Mandela and heaps more included.

In the same way little girls need to know that they can aspire to be so much more than what they see in fairytales, boys need to know that they don’t need to be dragon-slayers and macho men to achieve greatness. This book is a hands-down WINNER to share with your sons and daughters.

Even more exciting, Ben Brooks recently released Stories for Kids Who Dare To Be Different – 100 stories of males and female game-changers to inspire your child. If you’ve got a kid in your life you love, take this as their Chrissie gift SORTED. You. Are. Welcome.

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