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The Christmas present every kid will love!

Monty by Monty
December 14th, 2016

This piece is brought to you by but this is totes my story.

One of my best memories as a kid is sitting on my Pa’s knee and listening to him make up elaborate stories about a snake called ‘Sammy’ that lived under their house.

This snake would get up to the craziest things, and still to this day I think of my Pa as one of the best story-tellers that ever was. I mean, when you are nine most made-up stories are impressive but I’ll stand by the fact that those Sammy the Snake tales where off the charts good. I loved them because my Pa would always weave me into his stories, and as a child narcissist this used to delight me to no end.

My partner/baby daddy is called Sam and ever since we got together 13 years ago, I have called him Snake. Little did my Pa know that his old Sammy The Snake tales would live on for so long.

Now that I have little ones of my own, two little boys Baxter and Arlo, story telling and reading books happens all the time in our home. Every night we have a bit of a ritual at our house where Sam (aka snake) will read our boys a book in bed and then I will go in and tell them a story. Man it’s hard yakka making up stories every night. Kids get needy and demand creativity and most nights I struggle big time. Annoyingly, I did not get my Pa’s story telling prowess. I tend to recycle my tales and they usually involve exactly what the boys got up to that day. Wild, I know.

This Christmas I have decided I will give my boys the best gift of all. No more lousy, uneventful, half-baked, half-assed pathetic attempt at story telling (seriously, they are dire tales) anymore, I will get them books that they STAR in. Allow me to explain.

I ordered two books from for my boys that are based on the letters of their names. It’s pure magic as a kid to read a story where YOU are the main feature. I mean Sammy The Snake tales incorporating a mini Monty is pretty awesome, but actually having it in a physical book form would have been next level.

These books are awesome gift ideas and with Christmas just a jingle bell away, these are perfecto personalised gifts for any kidlets.

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You simply order the book online by entering the kid’s name you want included in the book. Every name has a different tale too. I’m bloody excited for my ratbags to open these books on Christmas day. And if I’m being honest, I’m even more excited for their bed time so I can give the old imagination that doesn’t exist a rest and read them a book about THEM.

Check out these awesome books here.