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Jazz up your Easter Egg hunt this year!

Monty by Monty
April 10th, 2020

It’s that time of year again when we gorge on chocolate until we physically can’t move. And there is nothing better!

Even though Easter might look a little different this year, there’s no reason the kids (and you) can’t have a ball on Easter morning.

The best thing about Easter is getting to do the good old Easter egg hunt. There was nothing more exciting than waking up Easter morning to the back garden full of bunny droppings on our plastic garden storage bench It was even more exciting when three weeks later you stumbled across one that missed the eye. Even thought it had gone a little white and the odd ant had been dining it on, who cared… IT WAS CHOCOLATE!

If you have kids, there is no escaping a hunt and let’s be honest, even if we are sans kids we should still part take in one of the funnest hunts there are to do.

Below are some tips on how you can make your Easter egg hunt a little more creative than the ones you have done in the past. There is nothing wrong with the good old traditional one but the tips below may add a little extra spice and fun to your Easter morning. Psst….don’t forget the bunny footprint trails with flour and your ever creative hands!

1. A good spin on the classic Easter egg hunt is to do a hidden treasure hunt. You can hand write a note from the Easter bunny with a map included that takes the kidlets on a wild goose chase around the house and garden before arriving at the hidden treasure. The treasure can be a little chest full of Easter eggs. This is fun, simple and saves you having to remember where ‘the bunny’ left all the eggs.


2.You either have a kid that is a chockie egg saver or a chockie egg piggie. I was the piggie and my little sister was the saver. It drove me nuts; three months after Easter she would still have a basket full of eggs that of course she would not share. Because kids get so many eggs from family and friends at this time of year you could try to avoid the chocolate Easter egg hunt and opt for something different. From the $2 shop you can purchase colourful plastic eggs that you can pull apart, these are a great idea for a chocolate free Easter. The kids will be furious if they crack open the eggs and they are empty so they will need to be filled. Some good ideas to fill the airy eggs is:

Loose change. (Let’s be honest silver coins can be a pain but kids LOVE them).



Crafty stuff like googly eyes, strands of wool, etc. The kids can decorate hard-boiled eggs with them later in the day and make their own ‘egg people’.

$5 note if you are feeling a little extra generous.


3. Even though Easter egg hunts are meant to be a jolly good time, sometimes they are competitive and tears can occur. A great way to avoid this is to colour co-ordinate the eggs to each child. This avoids child egg theft and minimises the water works. Even Stevens.


Have a great Easter and don’t forget to leave the bunny a carrot! The S+T Team xxx