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The parenting manifesto that made Oprah cry

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 18th, 2019

I know that I can’t be the only one who feels totally ill-equipped to handle this whole parenting business sometimes. Some days are great. Some are really, really fucking hard. But most days are a mix of the great with a good splash of the fucked-up to keep you on your toes.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I often feel like a total imposter as a mum. In my head I’m still somewhere between 15 and 17 years old, which often leads to me looking over at my kids and thinking, “Who allowed me to be in charge of these people… and how am I going to get them through to adulthood without fucking them up in some way?”

Now, even though I am totally hip to all of my shortcomings as a parent, I know that I’m a good mum. I’m a good mum not because of the fact that I love my children more than life, but because they know it; totally and completely.

Here’s the thing though –  I don’t just want to love my kids. LadyX. I want to give them the absolute best childhood possible so that when they grow into adults and become independent, their cup is full to the brim of lessons and experiences that they can draw on to deal with the good and bad that comes their way.

However, I find myself second-guessing my parenting decisions ALL THE TIME and often wish there was some set of guidelines that served as a reminder of the things I want to instil in both them and in myself.

Then Stacey sent me this video of author and research professor Brene Brown reading Oprah her ‘Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto’ from her book, Daring Greatly, back in 2013. It’s not new, but I reckon it’s as close to perfect as you can get.

I seriously think every parent should read it and have a copy on hand because it’s seriously THAT good. You can see Oprah’s reaction to Brene reading her manifesto below…

Here it is if you prefer to take your time reading it…

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