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FOUND! The Perfect Kids Pressie

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 8th, 2019

This piece is brought to you by Moose Toys but is all my own words and life-changing tips! Mel 

Being a parent is like having a very long and never-ending to-do list on the go 24/7. There’s excursions and swimming lessons and dental appointments and a gazillion other things to keep on top of. It’s all very grown up and headachy.

Stacey’s son Mack hanging with his Cozy Dozy

So, when your kid runs out of school or kinder waving an invitation to little Lola’s birthday shindig in your face, shopping for the perfect birthday gift feels like just ANOTHER thing to add to your list. The degree of shopping difficulty is a solid 8/10 because you don’t even know who the heck Lola is, let alone what she’d like for her birthday. And don’t even bother texting her parents – they’re too polite to help you out so will most likely reply with an ‘Oh, she’ll love anything!” Unhelpful.

To save you pacing the aisles like a highly annoyed/confused seeker of the perfect gift, I’m gonna let you in on a little birthday shopping secret that will change how you shop forever. Here goes… You find one age appropriate gift and buy that item for every party your kid is invited to for the entire year. That’s it. There is no thinking required and if you’re REALLY smart, you’ll buy a few at a time and just keep them in the cupboard somewhere to pull out when the next invite comes home.

Yes, I know – it’s a great idea… but what to buy? Well, I’ve got you covered there too.

You go get yourself a Little Live Pets Cozy Dozy, that’s what you do. I had never heard of these until one of my best friend’s sons got one for his birthday and as he excitedly snuggled it, it was like a light bulb went off in my head. The PERFECT gift had been found.

These gorgeous little teddy bears are not only excellent bedtime companions for your little guy or gal to cuddle at night, but they’re also totally interactive. Give them a little tickle on the tummy or a pat on the head and they’ll let you know how much they love it. Wrap them in their own little blanket (provided) or pop a dummy in their gob (also provided) to soothe them to sleep – and when they’re all cosy, they’ll close their eyes and drift off to sleep.

Not only are Cozy Dozys great for birthdays, I reckon they’re also an awesome gift for a child who has just become a big brother or sister and might feel a little intimidated by the newest member of the fam. Now they’ve got their own little baby to love and care for. Brilliant!

So next time you’re tackling the To-Do list, you can permanently remove the kiddie party birthday gift, because now you know the secret.

Cozy Dozy is available now at all major retailers and good toy stores across Australia. 

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