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Mum’s hack for the best way to remove a splinter goes viral

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 7th, 2019

Second only to injections and blood tests, the thing guaranteed to freak me out as a kid was having a splinter removed. My mum was all-business when it came to this sort of stuff and had a very standard technique – she’d dig into her sewing kit, grab a needle and tweezers, burn the end with a lighter (which she said ‘got rid of germs‘) and proceed to dig the sliver of wood out of my finger. It worked, but holy moly there was a hell of a lot of screaming involved in the process.

Catchya later, tweezers!

Lucky for the kids growing up these days, there are tonnes of clever parents willing to share their life-changing hacks online to make those childhood traumas a little easier.

I recently read a GENIUS way to remove splinters, bee stings and other little bits and pieces that like to wedge their way into the delicate skin of our kids’ bods – and all you need is a Nurofen syringe.


The hack comes courtesy of Queensland mum, Tiffany Keegan, who posted this very excellent bit of knowledge to her Facebook page. Tiff claims that the trusty old Nurofen syringe is “MAGIC for removing splinters, tiny shards of glass, bee sting venom in a quick, non-invasive, painless way.” And it’s WAY easier than digging around with a pin or needle.

How? Well, according to Tiffany, “Simply place the outer tube hole over the wound site (press firmly against the skin) then pull the inside orange tube out really quick. The vacuum in the tube should extract the offending item, and (voila)!”

Where the hell was this when we were kids?

Monty told us two full-on bee sting stories during an ep of Show+Telling a little while back that definitely could have used the handy Nurofen syringe hack. Have a listen below, then come on over and join our gang by subscribing to our pod here.