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Three awesome family activities under $50

Stacey by Stacey
January 15th, 2018

This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and KFC Big Bash League.

Summer holidays are kicking down our doors and although I can’t wait to have a breather from the school drop off and pick up chaos….I’m kinda dreading the fact that I have to entertain three kids all day, every day for SIX weeks.

You see, I have three boys…which means A LOT of activities are needed to survive the holidays. Each day of the holidays we gotta have something planned or cabin fever sets in and we all turn on each other…quickly. They need action, and a ton of it.

One of the biggest roadblocks that rears its ugly head when it comes to planned activities is MONEY! Holidays almost send me broke. There aren’t many activities out there that are below $50 – and most of the things my kids want to do are a small form of torture for me to survive. So these holidays, I have a new plan. A FUN new plan that we will ALL enjoy! Maybe you want in on my plans too?

KFC Big Bash League – yeah yeah I know…you think Cricket is a snooze but NOT THIS KIND! It’s got something for every member of your family. There are not really any other school holiday activities that deliver such a fun, affordable day or night out for the entire family. The Big Bash League has non-stop entertainment, as well as fast paced cricket happening on the field there is great music, fireworks, boundary performances and so much more…AND did I mention it’s under $50 for a family of 4? Sold yet? It’s far from the typical all day Cricket event. It’s only a few hours, and it’s a real hoot!

Family Bake Off – don’t poo poo it just yet. We do this every year at my house and it’s SUPER fun. You need to prep a few things to get the kids totally engaged. Decide on prizes for the winning categories like: chore free day, a few bucks, or a lolly and then choose the way you will judge each item; something like this always works well – most tasty, most beautiful, most imaginative, best use of ingredients etc…

Choose an item your kids REALLY love, like cupcakes, cookies etc…and bobs your uncle – your kids are entertained for HOURS. This is super easy to do under $50 and your kids will LOVE it…especially on bad weather days when you’re trapped inside.

Op Shop Crawl – This might be the best invention ever…especially if you’ve got a few lil shoppers on your hands. Make a map and plan out the locations you’re going to hit. Give the kids a little bag of coins and send them out with a checklist of items for each op shop visit. For example, a costume, a sports items, a toy. Put a time limit on each store, like 10 mins to collect and buy 3-4 items and then you head on to the next. Whoever marked off the most items on the checklist at the end wins.

Get a few of your mates together with their kids and go wild. It’s a super cheap fun way to occupy your kids for a few hours.

There are only so many parks, beach trips and bike rides you can go on during the holidays, so hopefully these three ideas are ones that you can mark into your diary. Would LOVE to hear any activities that you do that don’t cost a bomb?

For more info on the KFC Big Bash League visit here.