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Remember the very first time you saw your baby?

Stacey by Stacey
November 3rd, 2016

This post is brought to you by Kodak Moments but all of our stories are 100% our thoughts and feelings.


How wild is that very first time you hold your newborn!?! It’s the moment when it really hits you that you’re now a mum! That first gaze at the tiny human you cooked up is so surreal and something you will never forget. We love that we have photos of our first special moments with our little bubs and wanted to share those pics and our stories with you.


When I look at this picture I am immediately taken back to the birth of my first child and holding my new baby for the very first time.

I remember being in total denial when I first went into labour and as the contractions got closer together and more intense I surrendered to the fact that it was all happening.

I laboured through the night and at 7.01am my little boy took his first breath. When I look at this picture I see the complete exhaustion and shock I was feeling. I felt so physically weak after my son Bax was born that I could barely hold him properly.

I vividly remember looking at him and not being sure what I should be feeling. I think I was too exhausted to feel much at all.

I love this picture because my partner took it and I remember him being so proud of me and so in awe of this little man we had made. My mum was also in the delivery room and waiting outside the room was my sister and my Nan who I was very close to. My Nan has since passed and one of my favourite memories I have of her is when she came into the delivery room minutes after Bax was born.

Monty holding Bax for the first time!

Monty holding Bax for the first time!


I’m so grateful that the first moment I first laid eyes on my first-born son was documented in this incredible picture because if I’m being honest I don’t remember it that well. I had an emergency c-section and was incredibly sick throughout the entire delivery. At this very moment I am laying my eyes on my new baby while being stitched up. The physical sensation of it all was pretty awful but seeing this tiny human made it all bearable.

I was so prepared for labour. I had read all the books and had my headspace ready to take on labour. I didn’t factor in an emergency c-section so my whole plan went out the door. The fear and unknown of it all dampened the experience a bit for me…This picture shows the very first minute I became a mum…and will forever be someone’s mum.

What’s more special than that!?!?

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Stacey holding Raff for the first time!

Stacey holding Raff for the first time!


When I look at this image I remember feeling so many emotions. Mostly, completely overwhelmed! So much love, so much fear and an intense urge to protect this little person I had just met. How can you love someone so much that you just met? I mean, that’s crazy!!

Edie arrived via induction at 42 weeks. She was pretty comfy in there and determined to stay put, finally meeting her was surreal. This was the little person inside my belly kicking around and making a huge place in my heart, and now she was HERE. She was in the real world. I was a mum, and this little person needed me more than I had ever been needed before in my life. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment.

My husband passing her to me for this photo was pretty amazing too. His big hands, her little, precious body. My heart melting at the sight of the two of them. Corny but true. Also, that feeling of knowing our lives would never be the same. I have no idea what they would be like but they were different.

My birth was pretty uncomplicated I guess you could say. After being induced Edie arrived 10 hours later with a little help from the forceps. The moments before she came out are all a bit of a blur, there was a lot of shaking (did this happen to anyone else??) and a lot of vomiting during labour, and then she was here. Afterwards things got a little hairier. My placenta got stuck, I was put on a machine to bring on contractions to get the placenta out, then an episiotomy took place, followed by a blood transfusion.

Looking back at this photo and recalling my labour and the first moments I met my little girl, I just feel lucky. So lucky to have my perfect, healthy little girl. Oh and also, I probably should have had my roots done.

Brooke holding Edie for the first time!

Brooke holding Edie for the first time!

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We printed these incredible images out using the Kodak Moments App.

We printed these incredible images out using the Kodak Moments App.

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This is Stacey using the app - it's super simple and quick!

This is Stacey using the app – it’s super simple and quick!

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