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The birthday party that NEVER disappoints

Stacey by Stacey
July 22nd, 2018

This post is sponsored by Sky Zone but is 100% my thoughts and feelings. Stace x

My eldest child, Raff, just turned 7-years-old, so it’s safe to say we are on the kids party circuit in FULL force. We’ve been to all kinds of parties lately; from house parties to arcades, to the movies, to dinner. Of course, they are all lovely, but I don’t think kids are digging the old school parties as much as we would like to think. It’s a big call, but I think the days of hosting birthday parties at home might be racking off. Pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs just don’t seem to rock the little one’s socks off like it did ours.

I know this of course because I attempted it. I did the at-home party thang thinking it would save me a dime and be a little easier but I was wrong. OH. SO. WRONG. Creating ‘atmosphere’ at home meant I spent way more cashola on decking the joint out with decorations – AND my house got trashed. The clean-up literally lasted for days. Even Pass the Parcel was a fizz; I can’t imagine why the kids thought my plastic $2 shop toys were boring.

Look, it may have been a rookie error on my part. I do have three boys that need to be run like dogs ALL day and my at-home party obviously just didn’t cut their mustard, but I’ve definitely learnt my lesson. I ain’t EVER doing a home party A.GAIN! I now understand that I need A-grade assistance from a place that hosts parties for a living and requires minimal involvement from me and my dodgy $2 plastic prizes. Let the professionals take care of it I say. That way, the kids have more fun and I get to pretend that I’m not a parent for a few hours. Win/Win!

If you’ve got active kids like mine, Sky Zone is the answer to your party-planning prayers. It’s seriously the ultimate place because not only does it have awesome activities like climbing and jumping, but a host will fully supervise and refuel your little one and their posse in their private party room. Knowing that they’re in good hands, the only thing for you to do is sit, chat and sip a latte in the awesome cafe while you high-five yourself for nailing your kid’s party without lifting as much as a finger.

And… no clean up either.

*Party packages start at $34pp and includes various jump, climb and laser tag activities, along with food and drink packages in their private room.

* Laser tag at Macgregor only. There are two locations in Sydney and one in Brisbane. For more information click here.