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Boobs – fun bags or baby-feeders??

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 19th, 2016

It was the battle of the boobs on The Wendy Williams Show a little while back when host Wendy Williams (duh) and actress Alyssa Milano went head to head in their views on public breastfeeding.

The conversation between the two women became heated when Wendy told Alyssa “I don’t need to see that” in reference to women openly breastfeeding in public. Alyssa, who is a strong advocate for breastfeeding and recently sparked controversy over posting pics of herself breastfeeding her daughter Elizabella on Instagram, wasn’t going to let Wendy’s comments go down without an argument.

Watch the showdown here and skip ahead to 3.45 for the breastfeeding chat:

In the vid, the women differed greatly in their views of not only breastfeeding, but breasts in general. According to Alyssa, breasts serve a function for feeding babies and Wendy on the other hand, described breasts are “fun bags” and “sexual things.”

Alyssa was quick to draw comparisons between society’s acceptance of half-naked women in Hollywood, but their outrage about catching a glimpse of a woman’s breast while feeding her child.

This is ok...

This is ok…

This isn't....

This isn’t.

If our honesty hats are on, I would admit that the thought of breastfeeding a baby weirded me out a bit before I actually did it. I had always thought I would breastfeed when I had kids, however prior to getting pregnant, I never really thought of my breasts in any other way but a sexual one.

As a member of the sensitive nipple brigade, I couldn’t think of anything worse than a teeny tiny little mouth latched on to my nips several times a day.  However when the time came, much to my delight, there was absolutely nothing sexual AT ALL about it. Painful at first, yes. Sexual, no.

But here’s the thing – I think both women are right when it comes to boobs. Breasts ARE nutrition-giving baby-bonders that serve a beautifully important and biological purpose.  They’re also feminine and gorgeous and for some women, important parts of their sexual pleasure and identity.

Although I personally didn’t breastfeed my kids in public because I didn’t feel comfortable with it, I absolutely disagree with Wendy’s take on breastfeeding in public. It’s natural, it’s beautiful and like Alyssa said, if we can deal with the overtly sexual images we see in Hollywood everyday, then surely there can’t be anything wrong with a bit of baby-feeding boobage?

What are your thoughts on public breastfeeding and boobs in general?