breastfeeding 2
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This is a GREAT breast feeding set up

Monty by Monty
June 8th, 2017
breastfeeding 2

You know who rocks? Chicks. Chicks fucking rock. We cook kids inside our bodies, heave them out into the world and then often keep said cooked kid alive with liquid from our teets. We are bloody magical creatures.

I have spawned two humans of my own and indeed feel magical, however one of the most challenging parts of the whole process for me was the breastfeeding situation. It didn’t come all that naturally to me. I got mastitis about 43 times and the chemistry between my kids mouth and my teet was lacking big time. It was during those early days with both of my boys that I craved a village of lactating women.

The other day when catching up with a friend of mine who has a new baby, she mentioned how there is an awesome lesbian couple in her mother’s group called Claire (birth mother) and Steph, who BOTH breastfeed their daughter.  Two mums, four tits, one baby. Brilliant.

But HOW?

This is proof that there is nothing like a mother’s love because while Claire was pregnant, Steph started to express her own boobs up to six times during the day AND night to start a milk flow. Who knew that was even possible?

It didn’t take long before Steph’s body got tricked into thinking that a baby was in need of milk and she started to produce.

bHow bloody incredible is that? Steph is a school teacher so during recess and lunch time she would express her boobs to keep the supply and demand happening for her when her baby arrived.

Both women wanted to experience breastfeeding their daughter and after meeting with a lactation consultant realised that it may be possible. Both ladies were still super surprised when  Steph started to produce milk.

Both mums still share the load of feeding their four month old and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am not sure if I will be so lucky, but if I go for a third baby, I am putting the electric expresser on my baby dad’s nips; who knows, maybe magic will happen? Oh, the handiness of four milking boobs on tap!

We chatted with Claire on the radio show I do 3-4pm weekdays on the KIIS network, The 3Pm Pick UP. Have a listen below.