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This breastfeeding mama’s milk comes out of where???

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
February 16th, 2021

There are lots of weird and wonderful things that happen to your body when you’re pregnant. There are the changes we expect, like expanding tummy and boobs, stretch marks and morning sickness. Then, there’s the stuff you might not expect. Stuff like bad indigestion. Aversions to your favourite foods. Iron vag. Spouting milk out of your armpits.

If you’re a bit confused by that last one, bear with me. It’s a thing; a very real thing that I’m not sure you knew about, but I most definitely did not.

It all began when a woman on TikTok (where else?) put out the call for ‘A really weird that your body does that you’re not sure anybody else’s body does’ which was replied to in the BEST way by TikTok user @ollieoooop, who explained (and showed) how she is able to squirt milk FROM HER ARMPIT and it’s pretty amazing. Check it out…

How bloody incredible are our bodies?

I had NEVER heard of this before today, but ollieooop is absolutely not alone. The ‘pitties’ she speaks of is actually called the ‘Tail of Spence’, which is basically breast tissue which extends all the way into the armpit. Instagram account @legendairymilk explains it like this:

‘During engorgement or at the beginning of lactation, you may notice lumps and swelling in your armpits. It’s also possible to have extra breast tissue that is not connected to the breast both in the armpit and other areas of the body. This “accessory” breast tissue can also increase in size and/or produce milk.”

Here’s a handy visual for you:


Betcha didn’t know that! Or maybe you did and are sporting a milk-infused Tail of Spence of your own? Either way, it’s fascinating and we’ll never stop marvelling at the wonder of women’s bodies!

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