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This bride left a seat at her wedding for her dead son

Brooke by Brooke
August 5th, 2017

Becky experienced what no mother should ever have to. She watched her son pass away at the age of 19.

Two years later, still bearing the pain of losing her son but doing her best to live her life, she married the man of her dreams, Kelly.

Becky was heartbroken that her son Triston could not be there to witness her special day and decided to leave an empty chair at the wedding ceremony in memory of him.

As Becky was about to walk down the aisle her husband-to-be wanted her to know that he, too, had not stopped thinking about her son in the lead up to the wedding and had a surprise for her.

He had someone waiting in the empty chair for her. A 21 year old man by the name of Jacob. Becky knew right away who this man was and broke down in tears.

At the time of Triston’s death, Becky arranged for her son’s organs to be donated and because of this Jacob had been the very lucky recipient of Triston’s heart.

Yep. You’ll need some tissues now.  As a mum of a little girl who is my whole world I can’t even imagine what this would be like, but it may be the reason the story makes the tears flow like crazy.

Kelly then gave his wife Becky a stethoscope to hear her son’s heart beat through Jacob. As you can imagine, she was feeling a million emotions, but basically she squealed and jumped up and down in excitement!

It’s fair to say Becky’s new husband Kelly will go down in history as buying the BEST present a husband could ever give to his wife on their wedding day.

Here are some pics from their extra special day.