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Stacey shares her incredible birth pictures

Stacey by Stacey
April 6th, 2017
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It’s been 10 days since I gave birth to my new little nugget, Mack. It was my third c-section and everything went to plan. The experience is still beautifully and uncomfortable raw. Knowing I won’t have another child was bitter sweet…I am soaking up all the newborn bliss but I’m also soaking up the fact that I will never need to have another c-section or be pregnant again. Neither of them agree with me. I don’t enjoy pregnancy and the whole experience of a c-section just doesn’t suit me. I vomit the entire time, the drugs make me feel like I’m living in between a dream and reality…and it’s just downright painful.

When the docs held my third little boy over the sheet in the operating room and he cried – I knew my family was complete. We had always intended to have three kids and it’s a rather lovely feeling knowing our family is complete.

When I got home I had a nasty reality check of how chaotic it was about to be with three young boys though. It was LOUD and has been bloody demanding. If I’m being honest I had pings of ‘what the hell have I done’ mixed with ‘I’ve got this – I can do it’. I’m constantly reminding myself that other women have done this before me. My own mother had three kids under the age of 3 (yes, she’s nutso) and did a bloody good job.

Now, I realise there will be moments of utter chaos mixed in with calm and beautiful and we just have to ride the waves until we resurface out of the newborn vortex.

I finally got to sit down and marvel at the birth pics of my last little babe. The images were taken by my anaesthesiologist and he knocked it out of the park.

Check it out….how brilliant are these?!?











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  • Kate

    I want to say a massive congrats… and welcome to the mum of 3 boys club (I know a few of us, so feel free to come and join)! I have 3 boys, 6,3,1…. and wow how life changed! I totally nailed (if I do say so myself) 2 boys, but 3 has sent me a little cray cray… but I wouldn’t have it any other way! EVERYONE will have a opinion…. you will get alot of..”wow you have your hands full” and “are you going to try for a girl”… but I always say who cares…. I have 3 healthy, sometime well behaved boys who cant get enough of their mum…! Its going to be a stinky, dirty, smelly house… but god I love them! so congrats!! And Mack is one of my favourite names (may have a little name jealousy on that) xoxoxox

  • Bec H

    Theatre staff take the best photos and they don’t hesitate to get in there and get them! Congratulations on the arrival of Mack! I too am a Mum of three boys and I had 3 c sections. My boys are now 17,12 and 8. They’re loud and funny and keep me busy. They’re also very loving and I love that I’m raising three fine young men. Everyone will ask you if you’re going back for a girl, like it’s optional? I’m 42 and people still ask!