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Can you tell your baby’s sex from an ultrasound?

Monty by Monty
November 27th, 2016

My bestie and biz partner Stacey is pregnant with baby number three. She had her 20 week scan yesterday and all is travelling smoothly in the womb which is truly fabulous.

Stace already has two boys and although would love a girl for something different she is really not fussed about the sex of the next one. She has never found our her babies genders and doesn’t want to know for number three either. Straight after Stace’s scan we received the below whatsapp message. Note: I call stace ‘Pig’, I always have, it’s a very unflattering but endearing nickname. Ha!


I’m a mum of two boys as well. I didn’t find out the sex of my boys but looked like a hawk at the ultrasounds to see if I could pick a dick. I truly do not believe an untrained eye can see a tiny babies penis in an ultrasound. So although she thinks she is having a boy cause her eyes spotted a dick ‘n’ balls I call BS!

At 20 weeks a baby is about the size of a lady finger banana, still tiny so could you imagine how tiny the doodle is? And the balls would be the size of a sesame seed.

Even when babies are fully grown, I am yet to spot a peen or gine on an ultrasound. If you spot the genitals on the screen (which I don’t reckon you can) whats to say it isn’t a vagina? Little ladies come out with very swollen lady parts and often at first glance they looks like balls.

So until that baby exits Stacey’s body, I am still far from convinced of the gender.

Do you reckon you saw your baby’s penis in the ultrasound?