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Incredible footage of the one-handed catch that saved a falling baby

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 24th, 2016

Have I ever told you about that time I dropped Monty’s baby?  I’m not even joking, this is the truest of true stories.

So, it was our Show+Tell Christmas party at Stacey’s place a couple of years ago and it was a seriously perfect day – the weather, the food, the conversation. Perfect. It was the first time I was meeting the girls’ partners and  it was also the first time I got to snuggle with gorgeous baby Arlo – and when I say baby, he was seriously tiny. He was around four months old, rocking out in his little bouncer, all tiny hands and feet bobbing away. After we’d stuffed our faces, Monty asked me to take Arlo over to her baby daddy Sam, who was sitting at the other end of Stacey’s massive backyard. Sure, I said. No problemo.

Monty's partner Sam and teeny tiny baby Arlo. This was before 'The Dropping'...

Monty’s partner Sam and tiny baby Arlo. This was about an hour before ‘the drop’…

So I picked Arlo up (I had kept him in his bouncer) and started to walk towards Sam. I was probably five steps into the trek when I lost my footing…..I stumbled…..and Arlo and I went down. Hard. Somehow, I landed on my knees and kept Arlo upright and off the ground for the whole journey, placing him down gently on the grass at our final destination. For a second or two, there was total silence. All I could see in my peripheral vision was Sam running towards us and let me tell you, he made it over there in 1/100th of a second. Once we all knew Arlo, who appeared pretty unfazed by the whole thing, was ok, the laughter started. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Oh my God, I’m so sorry….” was all I could say as everyone was asking if I was ok in between cackling their heads off. “It’s so fine,” Monty said, “he’s fine. Don’t worry.” I looked over and saw Brooke’s husband James laying across the garden swing, clutching his stomach in fits of laughter. My husband just sat there and shook his head at me. “You ok?” he asked, knowing full well what would have been going through my mind despite my nervous laugher.

It was funny. The grass stains on my jeans, my embarrassment, the sight of an awkward woman falling down while keeping this tiny baby raised up like Rafiki did to Simba in the ‘Circle of Life’ moment in The Lion King, it was all funny – but it was only funny because Arlo was ok.  For days after, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It kept playing over and over in my mind. What if Arlo had fallen out onto his head? What if I had fallen on top of him? What if he’d seriously been hurt?

Accidents happen. We’ve all had a moment in our lives when we’ve thought to ourselves, “That was a close one,” which is why I sympathised with Carlos Henrique, the dad in the video below. While checking his wife into the hospital, Carlos had placed a baby carrier that held his precious newborn son, Enzo, onto the reception counter when it toppled over and little Enzo tumbled out. Thank goodness the receptionist, Leonardo Araujo, had the freaky reflexes of a cat and caught Enzo with ONE HAND, saving him from potential serious injury.

You’ve got to see this to believe it…