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Anyone else feel a total lack of control since having kids?

Monty by Monty
November 18th, 2018

This piece is brought to you by ecostore but is 100% my own (tragic) story.

There are very few things you can control in your life once mini humans arrive. I have been a control freak from way back when but my kids didn’t get the memo. They couldn’t care less about the fact that I like/NEED things done my way to feel in control.

Over the years, I’ve surrendered to the fact that crisp white t-shirts are a thing of the past and I can even ignore, although through gritted teeth, the fact that most rooms in our house have slime smudged into the carpet (side note – what is with the resurgence of slime? That stuff is the devil).

I would come undone if I tried to control everything the way I used to before kids. This parenting gig is hard enough without trying to enrol them in my unrealistic expectations of how things ‘should’ look and be (my psych would be so proud of me for that sentence). HOWEVER, there are a few things that make me feel like I’m still in control. They’re not massive things but when they’re done they make my brain feel orderly and…I feel like I have won a little at life.

First thing on the list that makes me feel in control is when I have a full tank of petrol. Yeah baby, seeing that little dial on FULL makes me fist punch the air as I cruise out of the petrol station. I love the feeling of knowing that one of the most annoying jobs is ticked off my list for at least a week or two.

When I have fresh flowers in my house, you know I’m in a really good place and have my life on track. It’s such an adult thing to do to have beautiful flowers in your joint and whenever I walk into someone’s house who has a vase full of daisies, I know they are totally in control…for the moment when they purchased the flowers anyway.

I’m somewhat of a compulsive bench wiper. Why do we insist on having white kitchen benches? Mine NEVER look clean. As soon as I wipe it, one of my feral children will put their grubby mitts on it and I can’t help but give it another wipe down. I actually think I would be horrified if I did a daily count of how bench wipes I actually do. But there is something SO satisfying about doing that last spray on the kitchen bench and giving it the last epic wipe for the night. When the kids are in bed and you know there will be no sticky fingies anywhere near it for a good ten hours, THAT is a brilliant feeling!

On a side note, I have recently started using ecostore multipurpose spray for my kitchen bench and anything else that needs a little spruce up. It’s plant and mineral based and since I use A LOT of it, it’s good to know it’s better for me and my family. The bottle is made from sugar cane plastic and fully recyclable as well, so I’m basically saving the environment with my OCD!

Another thing that makes me have the delusion I’m in control is when my dishwasher is empty. This is an odd one considering I rarely unpack it, I have handballed that job to my six-year-old. And my partner loathes the way I pack a dishwasher so much that I’m basically forbidden from going anywhere near the thing…but god damn, an empty dishwasher makes me feel alive.

I realise I sound totally tragic and the truth is I most probably am, but when a 6 and 4-year-old rule your roost, you will try and get control any way you can.

*ecostore products are the bee’s knees for several reasons. They are made from plants and minerals so there are no nasties in sight, the fragrances are from essential oils and their products are recyclable and made from sugar cane. ecostore is available at Woolies, Baby Bunting and Chemist Warehouse – or online here.