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Do you clean your kids ears with cotton buds?

Monty by Monty
May 24th, 2017

Confession time, I do something that many parents would never ever ever do. They would also find it highly irresponsible of me.

I clean my kids ears with a q-tip and I LOVE doing it!

My mum used to clean my sister and my ears with cotton earbuds when we were kids and I guess the desire to have squeaky clean ears runs deep in our family. I still clean mine on a regular basis and there is nothing quite as satisfying as pulling the bud out and finding a piece of ear gold.

I have heard that we shouldn’t clean our ears because it can push the wax back and block them which can cause hearing loss and that may be true, but so far so good for me.

Cleaning out chunks of wax from ears is as glorious as popping a pimple. My kids love when I clean their ears and show them the gunky (sorry for using that word) goodness that turns the white cotton a mustardy, goldy rotten colour.

It makes my tummy turn every time but I love it. The more wax, the bigger the buzz.

My kid’s ears don’t need cleaning all that often but sometimes I will spot a lil’ chunk and bolt for the bathroom to retrieve the ear shovel.

I know this will divide us greatly. Those of you who are fellow ear cleaners will hear and appreciate every word I say, those of you who are anti it will want to call human services on me.

So far my kids and I have perfecto hearing and ears so clean you could eat off  them, so bring on the earbud cleaners!

Which side do you sit on? 

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