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Is it weird for a mum to sleep naked next to her 16 year-old son?

Monty by Monty
August 31st, 2016

Okay, so I am not not one to judge kids who sleep in their parents bed until they are old because I was one of those kids. My mum was a single parent and I slept in her bed until I was about 13. Yep, 13. I had pubes and boobs and that is probably why I eventually decided it’s best I sleep in my own room.

Before you judge me, wait until you hear about this story… and then judge them, not me. Ha.

A mum posted on this question on a website called Quora, (which is basically a forum for people to write and answer questions): ‘Is it wrong for me (a mother) to sleep naked with my 16 year old son?’

Um, whaaaaaat???

Not surprisingly the large majority of people who responded said YES, this is bloody weird.

I tend to agree. I’m all for being free and comfortable with your body and floating around your joint and sleeping naked in your bed if your heart desires, but with your kid, who is basically a young man sleeping next to you? Probably best to pop some jarmies on I would have thought.

My eldest son is 4.5 years old, and I would not feel comfortable sleeping naked with him. I would not feel comfortable sleeping naked with my two year old either, if I’m being honest.

It’s hard not to judge this ‘sleeping’ situation because why is a 16 year old and a mum sleeping in the same bed to start with? I will give them the benefit of the doubt for that, maybe she is a single parent and maybe he has some trouble sleeping or some issues we don’t know about, so that part, although a tad odd I will let judgement slide.

But, hormones race through 16 year old boys bodies like wildfire and things happen to parts of boys bodies that are uncontrollable at that age and with that stuff going on while your mum is laying next to you sans clothes is all forms of weird. If the mum is questioning it, she must know it is pretty bizzaro.

I’m calling it, this is wrong.