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This viral video will make your ovaries SQUEAL!!!

Monty by Monty
July 22nd, 2018

I don’t read the newspaper or watch the news anymore, like ever. I’m so out of the loop with most things going on in the world because everything is FUCKING DEPRESSING!!! I realise if everyone put their head in the sand like I do, shit would get a whole lot worse but my brain/feelings/anxiety/exhaustion levels are at their max capacity. It’s all just a wee bit too much so when an Instagram video goes viral like a cute fucking dog licking a sleeping toddlers face let’s embrace the bejesus out of it. That shit is cute and sweet and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and there isn’t one mention of Trump or North Korea or online bullying in the whole 35-second clip which feels like a small miracle.

So for half a minute let’s just sit and enjoy…

How epic is the ability of kids to sleep through pretty much ANYTHING? Imagine a dog licking all over your face and you don’t even slightly stir? I somtimes think that the kid must wear the best antiviral face mask, because the dog is just so attached to her. I envy her sleep ability so very much. When my two boys are fast a sleep I could and often do vacuum around them, clean their ears, cut their toenails and even carry them to the toilet to pop them on the loo, get them to wee and carry them back to bed. Amazingly, they don’t even open an eye…once (I do this nightly). Then there’s me…if a teeny bit of dust lightly floats onto me while I am sleeping, my eyes bolt open and stand to attention straight away.

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