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When my son got his first erection my reaction was maybe a bit odd

Monty by Monty
May 2nd, 2016

Because I’m a girl, I just assumed my body would grow other girls, but it didn’t. It has grown two boys so I’m pretty sure it’s clueless on how to make girl bits.

It took me a while to get used to miniature boy body parts. I learnt the hard way on many occasions that you have to point their dickis ‘down’ when you put a nappy on them, or wee goes everywhere. I also learnt that boys love to play, fiddle, hold and generally have a mitt on their penis 24/7, they do this from a very young age.

I am now used to the penis. I live with three of them, so there is a fair bit of peen in my day to day life.

I figure that because my partner also has a penis; that any problems that reside within our children’s pant region naturally falls on him. As our boys grow older, he will be the one responsible for telling them how to thoroughly clean the peen. I will also handball any penis related questions to him like; ‘why does it get hard?’ Side note, I nearly died when I saw my first baby boner. I felt weird changing my baby son’s nappy while he had a teeny erection. I mean sure, I could have been mature about it, but where is the fun in that? Naturally I screamed out to my partner to come and see and together we giggled like hyena’s. That isn’t odd, is it? Now the mini boner isn’t a novelty and my giggles have worn off, long worn off. I’m sick of seeing so many penis’.

The beautiful Bronwyn McCahon, who for the last ten years had been the Editor of a little magazine called Cosmo (you may have heard of it?) joined me ‘On the Couch’. Bron has two daughters and a little boy. We talked about the difference between having boys and girls, mainly about their bits. How to clean said bits and what we call them.

Please note the P word (pussy) is dropped in this clip a fair bit. It makes it okay because it was my mum who said this word. Actually that totally makes it worse.

Anyway, if you have a mini penis or vagina in your world, you will relate to this chat.

M xx

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