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3 tips for new mums straight from the maternity ward

Stacey by Stacey
June 2nd, 2019

This post is brought to you by Epworth HealthCare but is 100% our thoughts and feelings.

Having a new baby is beautiful and exhausting and all the things everyone tells you it is…. but it can also be HELLA confusing. Stuff like feeding schedules and bizarro mustard coloured poo and swaddling and sore breasticles and throbbing nether regions can dominate a big chunk of your physical and brain real estate.

Well-meaning peeps want to share ALL THE ADVICE with you, but it can get more than a tad overwhelming when everyone shares their ‘best’ ways to do everything. What you really want is some clear, simple and proven advice to put into practise while you and your babe find your groove.

This is where Epworth have NAILED it. They’ve been caring for mums and bubs in their top-notch maternity hospital for yonks, so they truly are experts. They’ve got a super innovative approach to supporting parents in the modern world with real, practical information and advice that will make those early days of parenting so much more enjoyable.

Tips on how to safely swaddle your gorgeous bub

Tips on exercising after bub

Tips on Early Days Survival

Epworth HealthCare is now creating super useful videos to accompany their already incredible care, expertise and premium contemporary maternity wards. Their innovative approach to meeting the needs of parents today is EXACTLY what everyone needs. We are so aware that many parents don’t have a village around them and this is the next best thing to providing reassurance, support and care.

Every new mum also receives a cracking parenting pack when she delivers a bub. It includes an exclusive Purebaby onesie from Purebaby, milestone cards, Franjo’s lactation cookies and a beautiful box as a keepsake for all the lil treasures you collect throughout your new offspring’s life.

To watch more awesome videos from Epworth’s mobile midwife service, click here…it’s awesome, promise!