fake tan labour
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Is there anything wrong with wanting to look nice for labour?

Brooke by Brooke
October 24th, 2016
fake tan labour

I’ll put my hand up and admit I did a little ‘prepping’ before giving birth to my daughter. I spent my whole pregnancy sick as a dog and vomitting every day, and towards the end I was feeling so rubbish I would have done anything I could to make myself feel better.

Days before my due date, I slapped on the fake tan, had my nails done and booked myself in for a blow wave. I am not ashamed to admit that at all. Little did I know my little babe had other plans and was going to be born by induction two weeks after her due date so my pre-birth prep was a waste of time! Once I’d been given my induction date, and at this stage I was pretty sure this baby was way too comfy to come out on her own, I got set to do my pre-labour prep all over again.


Did I overdo the tan?

The day before the induction, I booked in again to have my hair blow waved, I had my nails done again and gave myself a good coating of fake tan. I had no idea what was ahead of me and while it may sound superficial, I had no idea how I’d feel about the new me after giving birth. I had zero control over everything that was going on, but this was something I could control and if it was going to make me feel better when we were inundated with visitors in the hospital room, then why not?

Who is it hurting if any mamas-to-be out there want to pop on a little fake tan or have a blow wave before they go into the delivery rooms? I certainly can’t think of anyone if affects (except the baby’s head if you tan to close to the nipples and leave their face a nice shade of orange!) But when Nadia Bartel recently gave birth and admitted to popping on the fake tan and doing some pre-birth prepping she copped a ton of flak in the media.

She says she wouldn’t change a thing. You go girl. Listen to her talk about the criticism she received after the birth of her son…

 Did you do any pre-labour prepping?