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This Facebook live with the NZ Prime Minister is SO great

Monty by Monty
August 1st, 2018

You know who seriously fucking rocks? Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

To start with, she was the WORLD’S youngest female head of Government (She was 37 when she became PM of NZ and is now 38). She is also the second woman in HISTORY to have a baby while in office. The said baby is now five weeks old and Jacinda is about a week away from finishing her mat leave to resume running the country.

I watched a Facebook live video Jacinda did today and it gave me alllll the feels. The super relaxed mum held up her iPhone and filmed herself talking to her people while sitting in her own living room. There was no makeup on her face, no lights to glam her up and definitely no script. It was a real and very authentic chat from a multi tasking new mum.

Jacinda, Neve and her husband Clarke

She explained how she was reading through papers while rocking her daughter Neve’s bassinet with her toes. She shared how her daughter has no routine but they are all doing well. She thanked her mum for coming and staying with her for a few weeks when Neve was born, then she held up gifts that the public had sent her. She also shared the things she is going to tackle when she gets back to work; like the mental health issue and the environment. Ahhhh fuck yeah sister.

In this 7 minute video, Jacinda showed everyone how her life has now changed, but that doesn’t mean she can’t still do a cracking job. She expressed how work will look differently for her now because she is a mum and to that I say a hell’s yeah. Shit looks real different after you have kids, your career pivots in different ways but what I love so much about this is that she is showing us all that even when you have a baby “lean the fuck in”!

It can be hard to get our minds around how we can still forge a career when we become mums because having humans is all-consuming, and intoxicating, but we can still carve out a career that works for us.

Watching Jacinda rock her baby and talk of the big goals she is going to tackle back at work made me really proud to be a chick, it reminded me how powerful we really are and how although things change when we have babies, our hopes, goals and dreams don’t need to be forgotten. We are still VERY capable humans!

Cheers to being a chick today.


Watch Jacinda below.