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Monty and Stace get real about the first six weeks of having a baby

Stacey by Stacey
July 19th, 2018

This video is brought to you by Little Ones but it is 100% our thoughts and feelings. x

The first six weeks of having a bub is…YOWZA! Hardcore and beautiful all rolled into one glorious yet anxiety-filled period of motherhood. From worrying about keeping your baby alive to spending your days sniffing your gorgeous babe’s head, those early days are filled with almost every emotion known to man. Navigating through the first six weeks is a mental battle to say the least as you find yourself coping with being completely out of your comfort zone, seriously sleep-deprived and of course, experiencing the most overwhelming love that no one could EVER have prepared you for.

There are a few key things people seem to neglect to tell you about this time; things that can make a massive difference when you’re an overwhelmed mama swimming in those new waters of parenthood.

Here, Monty and I chat about the main things that we will NEVER forget.

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