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An open letter to my friends who had babies before me…

Brooke by Brooke
May 5th, 2016

I really had no idea what it was like to have a child before I became a mum. I totally thought I would have it nailed because my two older sisters have kids, and so do loads of my friends. I’d seen a thing or two. But now having a mini lady, I think it’s fair to say I was a super clueless.

When I was pregnant I remember asking  Show + Tell’s Stace about the early days with a bub. She politely told me it’s something you can’t really explain, you just have to dive in and learn on the go. She was SO right.

My little game changer Edie Bug

My little game changer Edie Bug

When my babe was born, I had an overwhelming appreciation for what so many of my girlfriends had gone through in the parenting world before me. So, this is what I would like to say to those friends…maybe you will relate a little too.

For the times I called you whinging about my hangovers; probably while you were wiping bums and trying to hold your tears back because you got zilcho sleep the night before too (for completely different reasons), I’m sorry. I am also sorry for probably making those calls while getting my nails done when that seems like a distant memory for you these days.

For the times I went on and on (and on…) about how tired I was. Opps about that.

For the times I was totally oblivious to feeding and sleeping schedules…I didn’t know it was a massive mission to chuck the baby in the car and come and meet me. Little did I know a skipped sleep throws your WHOLE DAY out. Sorry for that.

For the times I came over and expected you to break open the bubbles and have all my favourite nibbles out…I should have bought the food, prepared it and cleaned your bloody house while I was at it.

For the times I gave you advice because I have nieces and nephews and had looked after them for an hour here and there. Kinda isn’t the same, is it?

For the times, I didn’t tell you what an AMAZING job you were doing, I’m sorry. I’m one kid deep and of course it’s amazing, but it can be equal parts tough. How the hell do those of you who have two, three and even four kids do it? You deserve a medal, and a massage and much-longed for silence! You are beyond incredible.

What did you think having kids was like… before you actually had them?

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