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Four games your kids will LOVE that won’t bore you silly

Monty by Monty
May 23rd, 2017

This piece is brought to you by the game Operation although everything in the piece is totally my story.

It was roughly about 17 years ago I became an adult. Foul.

For many years I lived a very adult life of work, wine, pure selfishness and everything adult-like in between. Then I became a mum and although indeed still an adult, so many things from my own childhood came rushing back in.

There are so many games that I used to play for hours on end when I was younger that would be just plain odd if I did as an adult, but now I have mini humans, it’s totally acceptable because we are playing for ‘them’.

Here are some of the things I play with my lil boys that I (and probably you) played as a kid.

SCHOOLS: Did you play this? Marking off the role, reading a book to the imaginary kids, yelling at them for talking and encouraging them to sing songs with you? My son is bang up for this. Only difference playing this as an adult is that he annoyingly wants to be the teacher ALL THE TIME and insists I am one of the students who has to obey his very strict five year old rules.

Young girl pretending to teach her teddy bears

BUTTERFLY PAINT: You know these ones, cast your mind back to grade one art class. You get a big piece of paper and pop paint on one side, then fold the paper in half and flatten the paint, open it up and it looks like a beautiful butterfly (kinda). My little boy LOVES doing these and I love doing them with him too. (Outside obvs, cause I ain’t a mum who is cool with paint all over the table)


OPERATION: Remember this game? The bee’s knees. I vividly remember getting this game for my ninth birthday and being OBSESSED with it. For my 30th birthday, my sister in law gave me the game as my present because she knew I loved it so much as a kid. Is it wrong to say it may have been my fave 30th pressie? My little men love playing Operation and I’m always up for a game. Naturally, I play to win, but I figure this is giving my boys character and life lessons yeah? If you are unfamiliar with the game it is a fun skill tester where you choose a doctor card and ‘operate’ on ‘Cavity Sam’ to remove one of his many ailments which include a broken heart, a wish bone, butterfly in his stomach etc and collect some cash if the buzzer does not go off. It really tests your hand-eye co-ordination and it is funnnn.


CUBBY HOUSES: This is a double edged sword. I love building these with my boys and we make some epic ones out of chairs and blankets and once built, it keeps them entertained for yonks. Sometimes we will read a book inside them with a torch or eat lunch in there – which is a real hoot for the little ragbags, BUT they never want to pack them up, so our living room and their bedrooms are a constant cubby. As a neat freak, I am very close to enforcing some strict cubby boundaries.

This is NOTHING like the cubbies are our place.

This is NOTHING like the cubbies at our place.

See what I mean? Yelling at imaginary students and taking wishbones out of Cavity Sam as an adult is a little odd, but just pop some kids in the mix and you are good to go!