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This is the new trend for C-sections

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
April 27th, 2017

Recently I sat with a group of friends and compared birth stories. Each one was so uniquely different from VBAC, to elective C-sections and emergency ones to long labours, vaginal births and tearing. We weren’t competiting as to who had the best birth ’cause let’s face it, they are all beautiful and bloody hard in their own way. However we were genuinely fascinated by the fact that every single one of us had such a different experience.

Some of my friends who had caesareans said that it felt a bit clinical and they weren’t able to bond with their babies in the same way that mums are able to straight after a vaginal birth. There is a new trend in birthing that could be a game changer for mums having C-sections called ‘gentle caesareans’.

During a gentle C-section, doctors use a clear plastic drape that can be removed towards the end, instead of an opaque curtain so mums can see their baby being born. The IV is inserted into the mum’s non-dominant hand so she can hold the baby directly after the procedure.

Recently, a video showing a gentle C-section performed by Dr. Jham Frank Lugo, the founder of a fertility clinic in Maracay, Venezuela, went viral. The video shows the baby being guided out of the incision rather than being pulled out and it is INCREDIBLE.

‘Gentle caesareans’ are being trialled in hospitals across the United States and England. Experts believe that gentle C-section can take up to 4 minutes for the baby to be born and can benefit both the baby and mother. The mum is able to bond straightaway and feel more empowered by being more involved in the birth.

The baby is also able to benefit from immediate skin to skin contact with mother, which helps regulate temperature and breathing. It is also able to adjust to breathing normal air more easily that when being pulled quickly from the womb. Doctors say that the C-section is still a major surgery and they don’t want to increase the rates of the procedure, only make it a better experience for the mother and child.

There is something so beyond incredible about the beauty and messiness of a baby entering the world. Every baby comes out of the womb differently with different needs. There are so many factors to consider when giving birth and it can be SO confusing at times. However providing mothers with choices to make empowered decisions, while supporting the choice that is best for them and their child, can only be a good thing.

What do you think of ‘gentle caesarean’? Would you try it?

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