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Are we messing up our kids by painting their nails?

Brooke by Brooke
November 10th, 2016

Mani and Pedi parties for kids are a ‘thing’ right now. For little ladies under 12, they have never been more popular than they are right now, but not everyone is happy about it.


More glitter please…

I’ve read several articles over the last few months from columnists who are not in favour of this trend AT ALL.

Maybe I’m in the minority but I don’t have a problem with this at all. I love to get my nails done, and do quite regularly, in doing so I often see little girls in nail salons with their mums – and even dads – and I think it’s super cute. They choose their colour (or several colours  – the more the better) and sit patiently as their mis-matched colours are applied to their nails and they ask for more glitter. Afterwards it’s like all their Christmas’ have come at once and they are rocking their nails like no-one’s business.

 Podcast: Former Cosmo Editor Bron McCahon talks about the differences between sons and daughters:

A columnist in one of the articles I read said she finds it ‘depressing to see little girls in nail salons’, and another said that ‘it seems like the dividing line between girls and women is disappearing. Of course my daughter wants to go to the nail bar, she wants to wear my lipstick, and she wants to wear my high heels. But, she’s six. And I am an adult.’ And then this: “And as fun as the nail salon is, it’s a gateway to that passive world where women spend precious time and money paying other women to make a million tiny adjustments to their natural state in pursuit of something unattainable.”

Really? Is it really causing any harm?

I have a 20 month-old who likes to try to put my shoes on and copy other things I do so I’m sure in no time she’ll succeed with getting my heels on and probably paint lipstick all over her face but I kinda feel like it’s a rite of passage for little girls, they copy their parents and pretend to be grown-ups. I sure did. I certainly don’t think it’s going to cause any damage and be the start of a little girl worrying about her appearance. Is nail painting really  a slope that’s that slippery?

Where do you stand on this?