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I almost thanked my husband for looking after our kids

Stacey by Stacey
March 12th, 2017

I always joke that my husband is a walking Wiggle. He’s the best Dad ever. He constantly plays with the kids, takes them places and always has time to be, well, a live-in ‘Wiggle’. He’s fun…in the true sense of the word. He works long hours during the week so often doesn’t have a ton of time with the kids when he gets home but when the weekends come he basically ushers me out the house to get some ‘me’ time. It’s the best.

Since having my third babe, surviving the days when he is not around is that much tougher. Last weekend I went to thank my husband for looking after the kids and giving me a little break but I stopped myself. I stopped myself because I don’t ever get a bloody thank you from anyone for looking after my own kids. It’s just kinda expected of me. I know society puts these ideas in our heads that dad’s ‘babysit’ their kids when mums aren’t around. But the truth is, they’re just doing what mums do but they get a shitload more praise for it.

I don’t ever get a bloody thank you from anyone for looking after my own kids. It’s just kinda expected of me.

My girlfriends and I are constantly talking about how people often comment on how ‘amazing’ our partners are at looking after their own kids. Just the other day my girlfriend sent me a rant saying her own parents kept commenting on how hard her husband worked at babysitting their kids on the weekend while she worked.

What is that? Why do men still get a big gold star sticker for getting their kids to kinder on time, or having them for two hours on the weekend, or cooking them dinner? While mums just walk about with the expectation – and of course the slander if they aren’t the ones to be doing it. God forbid we co-parent right?

Now, I know I struck gold with my husband. I pat myself on the back daily for having chosen such a fine specimen of a man, one that is an active Dad. But I don’t think he should be thanked daily or his praises sung from the rooftops when he is just fulfilling his side of this parenting caper. We decided to do this together and that’s what we’re doing.

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