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Genius parenting hack for teething babies!

Brooke by Brooke
July 1st, 2017

Any parent knows that teething is the pits.

Every babe is different, some may only be affected for a couple of days, but for others it goes onnnn and onnnn. It’s a pain in the backside for parents, and excrutiating for babies  – can you imagine cutting teeth with NO numbing cream, no oral anasthetic, no shot of vodka beforehand? No parent wants to see their child in that kind of pain.


My little lady was super unhappy when she would get a new tooth, and while it would only last for a couple of days (so really I was bloody lucky), it still felt like 278 days.

I tried the teething gels, the teethers you pop in the freezer, a frozen face washer for her to chew on – nothing soothed her poor little gums.

One mum has generously shared her little trick for helping her son through the teething stage, and there’s a reason it’s been viewed over 20 million times and shared half a million times – it’s gold.

Tasia Blackwell shared a video of her baby boy enjoying what she calls a “milksicle” – a frozen icy-pole made of breastmilk. “The milksicles are a hit. Helps with his teething pain and helps fill up his tummy,”she wrote with the post.

Genius. All you need is an icy-pole mould,  milk (of course, you can use formula or whatever kind of milk you are giving your child if you’re not breastfeeding), and a wooden craft stick if your mould doesn’t come with a stick.

I bet you’re thinking, why didn’t I think of that? I know I am!

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