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When did you know you were ready for kids?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 26th, 2016

They say you’re never really ready for kids. Even when you make the decision to try for a baby, the reality of actually becoming pregnant is exciting, with a good dose of shitscared on the side.

My husband and I knew we wanted to try for a baby soonish, so we gave ourselves six months of “freedom” before we would start trying for babies; after ten years together as a couple and four of them married, we knew we both felt the itch to start a family in the near future. So when I fell pregnant unexpectedly before we “officially” started trying, I was FREAKED OUT to say the least.

Was I ready to become a mother? Would I be a good one? Had we had enough ‘us’ time; a time of no responsibility to anyone but each other. A time that we would never, ever experience again after becoming parents.

We were. After the initial shock and meltdown highly emotional reaction when that wee-soaked stick showed two lines, we were excited. We planned and we prepared and before we knew it, we welcomed our own little person into the world. Our daughter. And it was the best day of our lives.  All that fear of whether or not we would be good enough parents melted away, because the moment we looked at her little face, we knew that we’d walk through fire for her.

Eight years since her birth and six since our son was born, we both agree that having children was the best decision we ever made. And we’d go back and do it all again in a heartbeat.

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