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OVERWHELMED mums, THIS will help save your sanity!

Sally Wood by Sally Wood
April 14th, 2018

Imagine having five minutes to yourself…to I don’t know, even just breathe? From the moment we give birth, being a mum is go go go go go go. We get sucked into the vortex of the parenting process from day one.

We have a million balls in the air all the time and it can seem like we have no choice but to keep going. Besides the loads of washing there is the very real and very exhausting emotional load we take on too.

Deep down we know that all of these loads are not sustainable, but what can we actually do about it? How can we take control and slow the craziness down a  little?

Here are 5 ways to get started:

  1. Name it to tame it. Start with noticing what your mind is buzzing about right now and simply become aware. You can’t change what you don’t notice, so acknowledge what’s going on for you in this moment. It doesn’t sound like much, but noticing that constant chatter in your mind while it churns through the to-do list is huge.
  2. Pause & Breathe. Okay, this is obviously near impossible in the middle of the morning rush, so try practicing a few conscious breaths while waiting in traffic, or before you go to bed at night. It’s important to make a regular and deliberate effort to get out of autopilot which we are in majority of the time.
  3. Think of one thing you can delegate to ease the burden today. Consider whether or not it really is a disaster if someone else does it less efficiently than you. Try to adjust your expectations even just a little.
  4. Instead of trying to remember ALL. THE. THINGS. Use technology to your advantage and use an app like Wunderlist or To-Do-List where you can offload everything that pops into your head as it happens.
  5. Add one more thing to your to-do list – YOU!” Being kind to yourself is as practical as it is loving. Realise you’re doing your very best and make it a non-negotiable to do something that lights you up everyday. Put on some of your favourite tunes and dance, call your bestie, do a few yoga stretches, or take a relaxing bath. Prioritising feel good activities in amongst all the ‘doing’ will help reduce stress and prevent you from feeling like life is all work and no play.

If you’re feeling stressed-out, isolated and stuck in the mayhem of being a mum you are so far from being alone. Life is full on, but it’s important to notice when you’re getting swept up in the all-consuming nature of it. All it takes is just a few daily practices like these to pull yourself back into the present moment.

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