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Three daily challenges of having kids you will relate to

Stacey by Stacey
November 30th, 2017

This post is brought you by Yoplait but these are 100% my thoughts and feelings.

Yep, I know…#blessed to be parents yeah?! I believe it, I really do. BUT…I also believe there are daily challenges involved with parenting that no one can ever prepare you for. Juggling everything can be a downright mess most days – just getting through a day without the guilts at the moment is the equivalent of winning a million bucks for me (maybe a little extreme, but you get my drift).

These daily mum jobs may sound tiny to a childless human, but when you’re a parent and you hear these daily challenges there is no doubt your blood pressure will rise.

Getting kids dressed

Dressing my children is one of my least favorite parts of my day. They NEVER like the clothes I have chosen and they rarely move their body in unison with my efforts to dress them so I’m basically wrestling a crocodile EVERY day of my life. Indefinitely. You may as well just call me Bindi Irwin.

I’ve just come to terms with the fact that my kids will wear velcro shoes forever (and will never learn how to tie shoelaces) and they will need to get used to no undies and no socks. I’m outski. But, seriously…Velcro shoes. It’s a must.

Stacey's son Mack enjoying his Petit Miam Plain Yoghurt pouch

Stacey’s son Mack enjoying his Petit Miam Plain Yoghurt pouch

Feeding my kids in the morning becomes an Olympic sport –

I swear my boys get pleasure out of hearing me say ‘put food in your mouth’. I am still completely gob smacked by the fact that they choose not to eat. I mean, who CHOOSES not to eat. Food is life.

Mornings are particularly bad and made worse by the craziness of getting ready for school and actually arriving on time. So, my recent mum hack that will remain with me until my kids finally realise eating is the BEST part of living…is Petit Miam’s Plain Yoghurt Pouch. It helps my mind take a breather from the worry of them not having enough food in their tummy’s to tackle the day. It’s a super healthy nutritious snack with no added sugar (insert mum of the year with that part), no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and of course the goodness of milk. Guilt free and sahhhhhh convenient – which are the two things every parent strives for to survive.

And, hot off the press…they just launched nationally in Coles, Woolies and independent supermarkets. I basically carry these around with me wherever I go now as a convenient snack for my two youngest kidlets.


Surviving the bedtime hustle and bustle

I don’t care what anyone says…the routine of bed time in any parent’s life is FULL ON. It’s the part of the day when you’re done being a parent the most but it’s also the part of the day when your kids come alive. I swear they can smell the weakness in a tired parent and bedtime is when they sink their teeth in.

It’s like they have been given an entire basket of lollies and can’t be rational. I used to do bedtime stories and cuddles at the same time with all my kids but it started making me feel like I was losing my marbles so now I put them to bed one at a time – NEVER together.

Since I’ve separated them it’s much more civil and the calmness level is MUCH more manageable. I wish I could give you an ever bigger tip to save your soul in the bedtime hours of your life but I can’t…I ain’t found any. May the force be with you.

Luckily for us, there is no love quite like the love of a parent for their children. And the goodness of parenting far outweighs the moments when you feel like you might snap and never bounce back.

My mantra at the moment is ‘one day they won’t want our help with EVERYTHING and they probably won’t want to hang with us at all’ so let’s just live in this little pocket of snot, poo, sleeplessness, and complete dependency for as long as they will have it.

And, no joke, get your kids some Velcro shoes, Petit Miam Plain yoghurt pouches and separate your kids at bed time, STAT!

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