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This little girl’s letter to Santa has gone viral

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
December 11th, 2017

Kids the world over are bursting with excitement in anticipation for Santa’s big visit. The glory seeker man in red is most likely packing his sleigh to the brim, gearing up for his flight around the globe to deliver presents that will be furiously opened by greedy little hands at around 5am on Christmas morning. But HOW DOES HE KNOW what’s on everyone’s wish list? The ‘Dear Santa’ letter, of course.

Mums and Dads often tell their kids to put their requests “in writing” to Santa, and these are usually a long list of childhood delights. My kids have asked for bikes, a dog (zero chance), Motley Crue and KISS CDs (proud), Osmos and a million other things that will most likely leave St Nick paying off his credit card until next Christmas. But every now and then there is a Dear Santa letter that goes viral (like this hilarious one) for all the right reasons.

Eight year old Nadia Prado will FOR SURE top the ‘Nice’ list with the sweetest letter that left her mum Diane so proud that she shared it on social media. There was no list of pricey items; there were in fact no wishes for herself at all. Instead, Nadia chose to acknowledge how lucky she is and came up with this gem….

santa clause letter

Dear Santa Clause,

Since you’ve been giving us presents every year this year I ask for nothing.

I have toys, a home, family and love.

So this year I want to make you something. Tell me what you want this year and I’ll make it.



What an awesome kid. Posting on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Nadia’s mum wrote, “My 8-year-old daughter left this note for our Elf, Twinkle, to take to Santa. When I found it, my heart melted and I cried.

“There are times that we doubt ourselves as parents. There are times that we wonder if we’re doing a good enough job raising good people. She has learned that family is everything and love is more important than gifts under a tree.”

No doubt Nadia will get something extra special for her selflessness this year and we reckon she deserves it. Now, time to have a chat to our little ratbags about the real Christmas spirit….

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