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How could a mum ever predict this tragic accident?

Stacey by Stacey
March 4th, 2018

Not a passing minute in my mind goes by without thinking about some sort of safety precaution for my children. I sometimes think I might be going crazy with paranoia the thoughts are so constant. Sometimes I think I’ve got it all covered – I can see my children and could most certainly intervene should something bad happen. But the truth is, some things are impossible to stop from happening. And some times freak accidents happen and life is just so fucking unfair that it makes us physically ill to think about.

Like the tragic death of the most gorgeous little man named Alby just 5 days ago. A happy, much loved, secure, and gentle looking child that was playing with a bouncy ball…and not a small bouncy ball, a big one. He choked on it and even with his mum only three feet away – he couldn’t be saved. Alby’s mum Anna of The Small Folk is 8 months pregnant with her fourth beautiful bub. Alby is her second baby, just 3 years old. They were getting ready to celebrate his 4th birthday by packing party bags with little toys…one of them being a bouncy ball that was most certainly bigger than a 50 cent piece.

My 3 year old plays with those exact bouncy balls all the time. In fact, I let my 11 month old play with them because they seem too big to be able to choke on. I just scoured my whole house and found 14 of them! When I looked in the bin at the pile of balls I felt sick to my stomach thinking of Anna and her husband trying to deal with such a tragic loss. There is no way to overcome the loss of your own child. I’m sure a new version of normal would come in time but a piece of your heart would chip away taking such a massive chunk of your happiness with it.

I’m gutted, devastated and heart broken for their beautiful family. I have no doubt they are drenched in love but nothing will be able to soothe their broken hearts right now. What we can do though is try and soothe any financial burden they might have by adding money to their Go Fund Me page so they can grieve in peace without extra worries.

May little Alby rest in peace and watch over his family and soon-t0-be new little family member. We will never forget his face or the broken hearts of his family, but I’m so sure that no matter how heartbroken they are now they would still feel extremely lucky to have had three loving years with him. And…thank you to Anna for sharing her story and also posting pictures of the bouncy ball that so sadly stole her little boy’s life.