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Don’t freak if your kid is choking, DO this!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 28th, 2019

When my daughter was about three years old, she was hoeing into a slice of pizza when a piece got stuck in her throat and she started to choke. My husband was (thankfully) home at the time and our reactions to the situation were polar opposites and looked like:

Me: Stand up, start flailing hands around and yelling words like, “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my GODDDDDDDD!!!”

Him: Stand up, stride over calmly, whack her on the back a few times while reassuring her in a calm voice, “It’s ok, It’s ok.” Cheesy pizza flies out, I swoop in for cuddles.

While we were both facing the same nightmare scenario, my inability to handle that high stress situation could have totally cost my daughter her life. Looking back, I wonder if I would have dived into action like he did if we were on our own? Maybe I handed all the power over to him knowing he was able to handle it with a calmer head than I could? I hope that’s what it was, but I’ll never really know.

It was a real wake-up call for me because as a parent, part of my job to be able to handle life-threatening situations like choking, and the fact that I didn’t – or couldn’t –  really rattled me.

First aid courses are SO important when you’re in charge of little ones, but if you haven’t gotten around to doing one yet, this video on how to help a choking child is one you need to bookmark.

Here’s one for the babies…

And for the bigger kids…

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