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Do you use the word Fat and Skinny around your kids?

Stacey by Stacey
May 30th, 2018

It’s another one of those parenting dilemmas. How do we talk to our kids about weight? What language do we use around appearance when we are talking about ourselves and other people?

I know in my house I have told my kids the word ‘fat’ isn’t appropriate at any time when it comes to describing a person. It makes me uncomfortable and feels derogatory. But, is it? And why is using the word skinny okay if fat isn’t?

We sat down with Sarah Harry in our latest episode of The Change Up brought you by TOM Organic. Sarah is the woman behind Fat Yoga – a body positive and inclusive space encouraging ALL women to feel at peace with their bodies.

We asked Sarah about how we should be talking to our children about weight and how we should be describing people and her answer has changed so much in our households. From not using descriptive words at all, to the appropriate ways to describe people…It makes so much sense and is a must-watch for every parent.

In our other chats with Sarah she told us about how overcoming her own eating disorder has led her to become one of Australia’s leading body image and eating disorder specialists. Sarah’s amazing attitude and wise words have already changed the lives of so many. From banning ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods, to how we describe people, to making sure we are wearing the right undies, there is something for everyone in this chat.

No time to watch the vids? You can listen to our chat with Sarah in podcast form below. Enjoy!