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An easy way to teach your kids about happiness

Stacey by Stacey
November 22nd, 2015

As a parent, we are often left worrying about EVERYTHING. We want our kids to be happy and healthy. We want them to choose how to be both of those things too. Parenting plays a big role in teaching your kids to be happy. Of course it is a mix of genetics and your environment, but I am bang up for as much information as we can find on how to raise happy kids.

I was reading about kids and happiness and stumbled on 10 questions that you can ask your kids that really help to promote happiness and confidence.

Here they are:

1. What was the favourite part of your day? 

My kids LOVE this. It is an awesome way for them to look back on the fun parts of the day and leaves them focussing on the good things before they close their eyes for the day.

2. How can you see the good in what happened here today?

Whether your kids had a great day or a not so great day…there is always something good that will come out of it. Try and get them to navigate through the motions of their day so they can find the good.

3. What are you most grateful for?

This is a good one to chat about as a family over dinner or in bed. There is a link between happiness and being grateful so the earlier you start the better.

4. How did that make you feel?

This is a really great way to start to teach your kids empathy. It also teaches them how to express their feelings and not bottle them up and act them out some other way. Instead of trying to fix their problem they can almost fix it by telling you how it made them feel.

5. How do you think is the best way to handle that?

Give them the power to start to understand the right behaviours in treating themselves and other people. It gives them the right to think on their own and feel a sense of trust from you.

6. How do you think he/she feels?

Teaching them to think about others will in turn make them feel good and be a much happier person. Understanding their own behaviour and how it makes others feel is important for their growth.

7. Did you try really hard at something today?

It is important we always note ‘trying’ as the key word in doing things. Teach them just to try and that they don’t need to be perfect at everything they do.

8. What do you want to do tomorrow?

Giving your kids the chance to anticipate an experience before it happens is known to bring more happiness than the actual experience itself. As adults we get excited about the things to come and it keeps us happy…it is the same for kids. Just on a smaller scale.

9. How do you think we can make someone else happy?

Taking your kids places to enrich people’s lives is a great way for your child to feel proud and will likely make them do more good in the world.

10. What do you love doing the most?

Keep doing the things they love most.

PS…this little piece of AWESOMENESS is a great way for you to help teach your kids to be happy. The Tree Of Gratitude by Wallitude.

**This is not sponsored just something WE LOVE!