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I had hypnobirths but this did NOT happen to me…

Monty by Monty
November 20th, 2016

There is nothing more magical and full on than labour and I love hearing other womens birth experiences.  Even though it is a natural and awesome thing to want to share your birth tales, often we find ourselves comparing our stories and justifying the decisions we made or the way things went during labour.

I had a hypnobirth for both of my boys and whenever birth chat comes up with women I often find myself keeping that information to myself. I chose to do hypnobirthing because someone I knew was an instructor and had three incredible hypnobirths. I was also really petrified to give birth so I needed something to help me not concentrate on the fear. Hypnobirth really eased my nerves and I went into my labours with my tool belt full. There is so little that we can control during labour that I wanted to be as informed and as empowered as possible. The hypnobirthing classes really gave me that and in terms of giving birth, both of mine were really straight forward. I was lucky.

I have had SO many people say to me, “why would you do that?”, “why would you put yourself through that pain when you can have drugs?”, “Are you crazy?”, “Are you a hippy?”

Blissful orgasmic birth anyone?

Blissful orgasmic birth anyone?

I wasn’t trying to be a hero doing hypnobirths, I just did what made me feel the most in control. I wasn’t in a dream land during labour and yes it still fucking hurt, but what I took out of the classes and my mediations helped get me through the epic-ness that is childbirth.

The other day a story about hypnobirth popped into my news feed so I clicked on it and read away. My jaw dropped after reading the first sentence because a woman who has had four hypnobirths said she felt this incredible euphoria similar to an orgasm for three weeks after all her births. Whaaaaa? I don’t remember that part of labour or post birth at all. This does not come hand in hand for everyone who does hypnobirth…I promise you that.

The woman’s name is Emily Street and she is a 35-year-old woman from the UK. This is what she said:

“It surprised me how well it worked,” she says. “The euphoria that I felt after the births was very, very close to an orgasm sensation, which lasted for three or four weeks as opposed to something that’s very intense for a short amount of time…I absolutely loved every minute of being in labor.”

As much as I think childbirth is the most full on, incredible experience ever, not one part of it was similar to an orgasm for me. Like none.

Although Emily didn’t actually orgasm during her births, the feeling was equally as fabulous…apparently.

However, some women actually DO full blown orgasm during childbirth. 6% of us to be exact. Studies have shown that two brain regions which become active during orgasm are also active during painful sensations like childbirth.

I mean take them where you can get them I guess but wow, during childbirth. Really? I’m not sure if I’m sad or grateful that I don’t fall into that 6%.

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