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Pregnant mum of triplets shares amazing pics

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 17th, 2018

If you’ve been pregnant before, it’s safe to assume you’ve experienced some level of discomfort in that nine month rollercoaster ride to motherhood. Whether it’s sore boobs in those early days, itching skin from an expanding belly or aching feet/muscles/vag right at the end, there’s no doubt that the impact of growing new life inside your own body can be taxing.

And that’s just carrying one baby. Imagine housing THREE bubs at the same time.

We were so mesmerised by these images 36-year-old Norweigen mama, Maria, posted of her recent triplet pregnancy. Each fortnight, Maria’s husband Anders snapped a pic of her rapidly expanding belly and the results are extraordinary to say the least. This amazing lady, who lives in Copenhagen with Anders and their two year old son, Mikael, has been documenting her journey on the Instagram account, Triplets of Copenhagen.

The triplets were conceived naturally when the couple decided to try for a second baby and are fraternal, so that’s three sacs and three placentas to add to the cramped space of the actual babies.

Even Maria marvelled at how her tum could get so large without her petite frame toppling over from the forward-pull.  Take a look at these pics…

Image: Instagram @triplets_of_copenhagen

32 weeks
Image: Instagram @triplets_of_copenhagen

Two days before delivery at 35 weeks.
Image: Instagram @triplets_of_copenhagen

While these pics are insanely beautiful, I couldn’t help but imagine just how uncomfortable Maria must be. Her skin looks SO SORE at what seems like maximum stretching capacity and I can only imagine that three babies moving in unison must feel like an internal earthquake sometimes. Here’s a couple of vids Maria posted on her Insta for a real insight into her world…

In beautiful news, Maria’s two daughters, Iben and Agnes and one son, Filip, arrived safely into the world just four days ago via c-section.

All three babies are OUT and healthy!
Image: Instagram @triplets_of_copenhagen

If anyone deserves a lifetime supply of foot rubs and naps, it is THIS lady. What a superwoman.

You can follow Maria’s entire journey on Instagram here.

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