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These pics prove Kate Middleton is just like us.

Brooke by Brooke
May 22nd, 2017

Taking my toddler out to dinner can send me into a raging, sweaty, stressed mess, so attempting to take kids to a wedding is next level.  For this reason I feel for The Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and what she had to go through at her sister Pippa’s wedding over the weekend.

Judging by the photos from the day, it looks as though Kate had the toughest job of anyone there, trying to wrangle not only her own two toddlers, but a whole group of mini attendants – with only the whole world watching her. Ouch.

Poor Kate had to keep her shit together with all the cameras flashing in her face and iPhones recording her every move on the day when no doubt all she wanted to do was scream at her kids and whack them in time out.

When Kate first arrived, there is footage of her emerging from her car and making a bee-line for a toddler escapee who was on the run before she wrestled him back in the car. We’ve all been there.

We later saw her taking Charlotte, 2, aside for a little talking to. I am betting the grip on Charlotte’s arm was a nice firm one.

And then the poor woman had to sit through a church service for TWO hours with her two year old.  Props to you, Kate.

Here are five moments from Pippa’s big day that shows Kate is way more like all of us than we may think.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, parenting is a universal language.

1. Wedding Of Pippa Middleton And James Matthews






Oh Kate, I do hope there was someone waiting inside the reception to take the kids to a sitter and you to a table with a gallon of wine with your name on it. You’ve earned it sister.