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How do I stop my three year old saying this?

Monty by Monty
April 9th, 2018

My three year old has a favourite new word. He uses it in every sentence he utters, sometimes he will just yell out the word on it’s own. He likes how it sounds, the reaction it gets and he also has a wild love affair with what the word literally means. My three year old is all over the Dick. He LOVES saying DICK. Dick this, dick that, look at my dick, teddy dick, vegemite toast dick. He says “dick” all the time and it’s alarming and aggressive hearing a three year old say “dick”.

We have always refered to our boys’ penis’s as their “dickis“; dicki is cute and innocent but drop that last little letter off the end and the word is anything but adorable.

Me and the man of many words.

The other day at the park Arlo wanted me to push him on the swing. I was on the other side of the playground trying to ignore him cause the kid always wants a push for a minimum of 45 minutes every session. Pushing a kid on repeat for endless minutes is a form of torture to me.  Clearly my lack of attention gave the little man the shits because he started to yell out to me at the top of his lungs and you can probably guess what word was screeching out of his mouth.

My one metre tall, blonde mini man began to holler “Muuuuuuum, mummmmm you dick face, push me”.

What the actual fuck? I was hoping my ears were mishearing him but it was crystal clear as he hurled it at me a second, third and fourth time “Diiiiiiiccccccccckkkkkkk face, push me!”

I have that kid. The kid that will teach your kid all the shit they shouldn’t do and say.

We have tried to ignore his love of the word dick, we have tried to tell him off, we have tried bribes and time out. The kid will not stop dropping the dick. Open to any advice and please make me feel better – has your kid called you something like this? If they called you it in public even better. Mx

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