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Kids crying for the most ridiculous reasons is so bloody funny!

Monty by Monty
June 12th, 2016

My kids cry for the most ridiculous reasons sometimes. The other night my four year old cried because I wouldn’t do a nude run through the house with him. Yes, it’s as weird as it sounds. Before he has a shower he runs around the house in the nude yelling ‘streaking’ (his dad taught him that). Because I refused to take my kit off and run through the house with my bits out, he lost it.

The other day I chucked a piece of cardboard in the bin; a ripped part of a tissue box. It was useless but I was obviously oblivious to the bond my son had formed with it in the two minutes it was in front of him. He lost his shit big time.

Ahhh kids ah. So bloody adorable…

These pics cracked me up so much because I can totally relate to them and if you have kids, I reckon you just might too.

Enjoy the pics of kids losing their shit and enjoy that in that moment they were not yours.







So good. Kids are nuts!

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