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Can you copy your friends kids name?

Monty by Monty
March 24th, 2017

Stacey gave birth to a beautiful little boy called Mack Morlang Sullivan yesterday.  He arrived just after 11am via sunroof and both Stace and baby Mack are going great. Stace added the third mini balls to her brood.

The other day, before Stace had Mack, we were chatting about baby names. Stace had no idea what sex she was having and told us that if the bub comes out a girl she will be called Georgia, Gigi for short. Brooke shot upright and said “that’s my name too”. Obviously Stace would have had dibs on the name because she was about to give birth, but what if Brooke also wanted to use that name if she had a girl in the future?

Straight away Stace told Brooke she can and should use the name as well. Now that the baby has arrived with a penis, looks like Brooke can have Gigi all to herself. xe88

It made me think though,  would I care if a good mate called their new baby one of my sons name as one of my kids.

Let’s say Mack came out a girl for the sake of this story and was called Georgia. Then a year or so down the track Brooke had a little girl and called her Georgia as well. Is that really ok?

Here is the conclusion I personally came to. If it was one of my best mates, it would be kinda weird and maybe annoying for our kids to share the same name. They would know each other well and hang out a lot. But if it was someone from my wider circle of friends or just an acquaintance, then I really wouldn’t care. If you don’t like someone, their name turns you off, so if someone wants to use your kids name it’s pretty flattering, your kid must be alright.

I have some friends who I know would hate if their kids names were re-used, they don’t even like when they hear of another random kid with the same names. Naming a baby is a pretty special and important thing to do, you really want to love the name you give your kids and if that happens to be a name close to home, maybe so be it.

Here is baby Mack with his folks moments after he came into the world.


What do you think about this?