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If your kids play on an iPhone or iPad you gotta watch this

Monty by Monty
August 12th, 2018

For years my partner Sam and I relied heavily on the iPhone or iPad to give us a chop out with our kids. If we needed to do things like, shower and shit, we would pull out the babysitter made my Apple to give us a moments of solace. Before we knew it our kids were bonafied device addicts who would sit like jaw dropped mute zombies for hours on end.  The peace and quiet these devices originally brought to our life was bliss, but like all addictions, it gets you in the end and this pacifier bit us all in the arse big time.

The dopamine hits that would pulse through their brains while on the devices would instantly deplete the second we would try and pry it from their firm gripped mitts. The result of this was instant feral kids ready to lose their shit…every single time.

So we went cold turkey. We detoxed our mini men off the crack!

We were petrified to do this. We had come accustomed to actually finishing conversations and getting jobs done without the interruption of little humans but our kids were literally getting out of control, so we ripped off the band-aid and hoped for the best.

To our surprise, it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be and their behaviour totally improved.

They still get to go on the iPhone and iPad, but now they get 20 minutes on a weekend with an alarm set to siren the end of crack time. There is still the odd whinge and cry after the weekend session but it’s NOTHING in comparison to what we had all been through.

When it comes to the smartphone, my partner and I are super shitty examples. We are on the crack ourselves big time and no amount of detoxing seems to pull us out of the vortex. It has a grip on us and it drives both of us and unsurprisingly our kids insane.

It’s time to make a change…something I have said a million times before, but seriously, these phones aren’t making me any happier and certainly not any smarter.

You might have seen this video doing the rounds. It scared me shitless.

M x