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Let them eat cake! But not at this kindy.

Brooke by Brooke
January 28th, 2017

An Aussie Kindergarden has banned birthday cake from their classrooms. Yep, the good old fashioned can’t-get-it-in-your-mouth-quick-enough birthday cake.


A mum from the kindy, who is not happy that her little one can’t enjoy cake with her friends on her birthday, has shared a note from the kindy on social media which explains cakes have too much sugar so instead they will be offering healthy options for the kids.

However, it appears this mum is in the minority. The kindy had some serious back-up when it came to making their decision. While one mother may have been outraged over it, 85 per cent of parents in her child’s class were against celebrating birthdays with cake.

85 per cent of parents in her child’s class were against celebrating birthdays with cake.

I have an almost two-year old and she makes a beeline for anything that remotely resembles chocolate or sprinkles. I mean, she’s a smart kid, who doesn’t, right? I have no idea how she knows that’s the good stuff, but boy does she know.


My little one tucking into her first piece of birthday cake on her first birthday.

I can control this when we’re at home but when we’re at parties (or nanna and pa’s) it’s much harder. I don’t want to be that mum that says she can’t have a piece of cake when everyone else is having it.

So when I read this story, I was in two minds. My first thought was, let the poor kids eat cake! There’s sure as hell no way I’m not eating cake on my birthday, that’s for sure. But then I thought about the trouble I go to to make sure my little girl eats the right things to fuel her body and if she’s having birthday cake at home for her birthday then I am actually okay with her not having it at kindy too. There I said it. I think I’m that mum. I am more than happy with her having a healthy alternative at kindy, especially if she’s having cake at home.

Where do you stand on cake at kindy?